Ela Bauer

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Ela Bauer


1960, Warsaw, Poland

Training / Education:
  • Israel, The Hebrew University,Jerusalem Comparative Literature, Indology. 1982-1987
  • Israel, Technical School, Jewelry Dept. 1988-1989
  • Holland, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Jewelry Dept.
Work Experience:
  • Workshops in Jewelry Design in the institute 'Het Mooie Werk" in Amsterdam Since 2003
Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):
  • Sept. 1993 Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo Japan
  • Feb. 1994 Gallery für angewandte Kunst, Munich Germany
  • Mar. 1994 Gerrit Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam Holland
  • July 1995 Graduation exposition Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam Holland
  • July 1995 Graduation presentation in Gallery Ra, Amsterdam Holland
  • Sept. 1995 Gallery Sofie Lacheart, Gent Belgium
  • May 1996 Gallery Mayling, Edam Holland
  • May 1997 Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam (annual designers and artists fair. Participation since 1997) Holland
  • Aug 1999 - 2001 A touring exposition consisting of 9 shows organized by the Art Center of
  • the Province Gelderland Holland
  • Dec. 2000 Exhibition in the Art Center of Zaandam Holland
  • Mar. 2001 Gallery Lous Martin, Delft, Holland
  • Apr. 2001 Gallery Govert van Dijck, Bergen op Zoom, Holland
  • May 2001 MikroMegas,a traveling exhibition organized by Otto
  • Künzli, traveling to among others, Munich, New York, Tokyo, and
  • Sidney.
  • Aug. 2001 NoordOostZuidWest (organized by Paula Crespo and Lous Martin) in
  • Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dec. 2001 Exhibition in Gallery Yksi, Eindhoven, Holland
  • Feb. 2002 Gallery LEGIO, Tilburg, Holland
  • Dec. 2002-jan. 2003 "Masterpieces", Palazzo Bricherasio, Group exhibition organized by the
  • World Crafts Council, Turin (Italy)
  • Oct. 2003 Gallery Portals Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca Spain
  • Dec. 2003 Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Jan. 2004 Institute Neerlandais, Paris, France.
  • Mar. 2004 Schmuck 2004 Munich, Germany.
  • Mar. 2004 Legio, Tilburg, Holland
  • May 2004 The Rietveld Fair, Amsterdam, Holland
  • June 2004 CBK Zwolle, Holland
  • June 2004 Gallery Slavik. Vienna Austria
  • June 2004 SOFA New York, U.S.A. repr. by Charon Kransen Arts
  • SOFA Chicago USA, repr. by Charon Kransen Arts
  • Sept. 2004 Annick Zufferey, Geneva, Switzerland.
Awards / Grants:
  • June 2002 Stipend granted by Funds Beeldende Kunst (Foundation of Fine Arts & Design, Holland
  • Sept. 2004 Grant by the Prince Bernhard Funds Holland
Collections (Private & Museum):
  • 2002 Textile Museum, Tilburg, Holland
  • 2003 Pinakothek der Moderne, Dänner Collection, Munich Germany
  • 2002 Threes Moolhuysen-Coenders Collection, Schiedam, Holland
  • 1993 Catalog "The Jewellery Quake".
  • 1994 Parool, 9 maart, "Cultuurschok door Sieraden"
  • 1994 Suddeutsche Zeitung nr 33, 10 februari, "Schmuck, der schon mal Ganssehaut verursacht".
  • 1994 T.Z. februarinummmer, "Schmuck ganz anders".
  • 1995 Ruimte, , "Verslag van de eindexamenwerken in de Nederlandse Kunstacademies".
  • 1996 Ruimte,, "De grenzen van het sieraad".
  • 2001 - Review exhibition at Gallery Lous Martin in De Haagse Courant
  • - Catalog exhibition NoordOostZuidWest "joalharia holandesa contemporânea"
  • - Mikromegas, by Otto Künzli
  • 2001 ONEDEL by Threes Moolhyusen-Coenders
  • Catalogs "Masterpieces" exhibition Turin
  • 2004 - Catalog Schmuck 2004
  • - "Es muss kein Diamant sein" in de Süddeutsche Zeitung ( Mar.6 2004),SCHMUCK 2004 Munich Germany
  • 2004 500 Rings Lark Books New York
Artist Statement

While studying on the Rietveld Academy, I was occupied with redefining the term "jewelry". I tried to get to the roots of what makes something a "jewel" as such. Through this process, my jewels became more of an object. In fact, they were statements about terms such as: preciousness, wearability, and decoration.

Nowadays, the quest for the meaning of "jewelry" still occupies me, though I embrace consciously the basic forms of jewelry.

The organic, tree - like forms in my work and the connection between the elements, express my fascination for the basic, and sometimes so banal facts, that everything is in continuous movement, continuous change. What seems defined continues in something else and lives on and on.

Ela Bauer, Amsterdam September 6 2004