Swale 4 + 5



Vogue France published images of several artists represented by
Charon Kransen Arts in their July issue

The Enamel Foundation purchased for their permanent collection 3 brooches by Timothy Veske-McMahon

Charon Kransen was invited to be one of the jurors for the following events:
Gioielli in Fermento 2018
Athens Jewelry Week 2018

Joya Bracelona 2018
Pratt Graduation 2018

In the new book " Intersection, Art & Life" , the work of 7 artists represented by
CKA were published.

The "Art Tour NY", organized by the organization "women in design", visited
CKA for a special presentation in May.

Katja Toporski has been invited by SOFA Chicago to be one of the speakers.
CKA will show a collection of her work.

Tanya Crane will be a speaker in the SNAG
emerging artists lecture series at SOFA Chicago
A collection of her new work will be shown at CKA

Wanshu Li, the winner of the Joya Award 2017 in Barcelona, will be a speaker as well during SOFA Chicago

Charon Kransen was invited to be the curator of a group exhibition of 16 jewelry
artists at the Atta Gallery in Bangkok Thailand. During that time ( February ) he will
also give a seminar.
Charon was also invited to the Korean Craft Fair in Seoul in November. During
that time he will give a lecture at Kookmin University as well as a seminar in Seoul
for professionals.

For the 2019 Gioielli in Fermento competition/exhibition, Charon will conduct portfolio reviews for professionals and students in Italy. May 2019

Art Aurea, a German magazine, published an article on CKA on the occasion of the
25th anniversary of CKA.