In March Charon Kransen was invited together with Adam Brown to teach in the study-abroad program of East Carolina University ECU in Certaldo Tuscany Italy. Afterwards Charon visited Munich for Schmuck 2023 , where Tamara Marbi Joka, now represented by Charon Kransen Arts, received the Herbert Hofmann Prize.

In March The Enamel Arts Foundation purchased 2 brooches by Andrew Kuebeck: Tim in Profile and Jacob in Profile as well as a brooch by Deb Lozier: From the Body. All these works will eventually go to various museums in the USA.

Youjin Um, an artist CKA represents, received the Grand Prix during the Legnica (Poland) Silver Festival May 2023

The Loewe Craft Competition was held at the Noguchi Museum in New York this year. The exhibition showed the work of the 30 international finalists, among others Kaori Juzu, Jaiik Lee and Mabel Pena, all artists represented by CKA

Three brooches by Dan DiCaprio: Your Body of Steam, Interminable and Lemnicus, were purchased by the Enamel Arts Foundation

A brooch by Mirjam Hiller and a necklace by Sophie Hanagarth are now in the permanent collection of the RISD Museum in Providence.

In May Charon was invited to be one of the 5 judges for the prestigious Cheongju International Craft Competition in Cheongju S. Korea

The first stage selection was online; the second stage selection “life” in S. Korea early August. The opening of the actual exhibition and award ceremony will be Sep.1, which I will most probably attend and meet with many artists.

SOFA Chicago will not happen in November, so instead CKA will focus on a presentation during New York Jewelry Week from Nov.13-20. The theme of the exhibition will be “RED, ignite the fire”. 45 international jewelry artists will show work in which the dominant color is RED. Nichka Marobin ( The Morning Bark ), art historian and curator from Italy, has been invited to lecture on RED and The Morning Bark during that time. The exhibition will be shown at 72 Warren Street in Tribeca NYC Nov.13-20

Mirjam Hiller from Germany will be the keynote speaker at the ECU Symposium in Greenville NC Jan.12-14 2024. CKA has organized a lecture tour for her which will bring her to Baltimore Jewelry Center, Temple University, Rhode Island School of Design, Museumschool Boston (Tufts )/Mass Art, and NYC. Dates tba