Charon Kransen Arts Book List

The most specialized resource for books and exhibition catalogs (often hard to find, often out of print) on jewelry (historical, ethnic, technical and contemporary), metal and design from around the world.

Now also titles available on glass, textile, paper, ceramic, mosaic, baskets etc.

Over 2000 titles.

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Charon Kransen Arts Book List

Our Book List is constantly being updated. Currently you can download the July 2023 version. We are offering it is a download in either a Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF* file, to better suit your needs. Thank You for your Interest.

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Short list of most recent publications:

You can download this list of only recent publications, published in 2021/22 instead of having to go through the whole book list.
This list will be updated also on a regular basis

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1885 José Saramago
1868- 2020 To William Morris L'artesà il.luminat, The enlightened craftsman