Saskia Detering

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Saskia Detering


1978 in Göttingen, Germany

Training / Education:
  • 1998 – 99 Studies in German Literature + History of Art, University Göttingen, Germany
  • 1999 Internship Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig, Germany
  • 2000 Internship with Almut Bonacker, goldsmith, Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany
  • 2001 – 2005 Metal Design at University of Applied Science and Art
  • Hildesheim, Germany
  • 2005 Graduation under supervision of Prof. Werner Bünck
  • Guest Student of Prof. Georg Dobler
Work Experience:
  • Since 2005 working as freelance designer
Exhibitions (Solo & Group Shows):
  • “Gold, Kokosnuß, Edelstahl – Kunstkammerschätze gestern und heute”,
  • Kestner Museum, Hannover, Germany, 2005
  • “Reconstruction – Deconstruction”, 14. International Silver Competition,
  • Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland, 2005
  • Grassi Fair, Group Exhibition , Leipzig, Germany, 2005
  • Inhorgenta Fair, “Brand New Brand”, Munich, Germany, 2006
  • “Metallformen”, Handwerksform, Hannover, Germany, 2006
  • “Traumwelten”, Goldsmith College Pforzheim, Germany, 2006
  • SOFA NY, represented by Charon Kransen Arts, USA
Awards / Grants:
  • prize at the competition “Kelch und Patene” Hannover, Germany, 2006
Artist Statement:

My pieces respond to your glance with immediate look. Anything can be understood as an “objet trouvé”, that is made by wilfullness. The jewelry is thought for body in motion and can be worn in spite of its unyieldingness.

I´m not working like a traditional craftsman, but I´m using archaic and rudimentary technics of the craft to yield an individual interpretation of
treasure and exuberance.